Fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night

Tired of staring at the ceiling trying to go to sleep?

Tired of spending your day in a mental fog?

Tired of relying on carbs and caffeine to keep you awake? And medications to make you sleep?

Tired of being moody and taking it out on your family?

Now, imagine calming your mind and body and finally getting the restful sleep that you deserve!

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    Christine Meyer


    I am a wife, mom, grandma, and Type 1 Diabetes champion. And like you, I have struggled with my sleep: Staying up late because of lac of a routine or lying in bed "thinking."

    A love affair with the snooze alarm. Waking up at the last minute and starting my day frenzy. Difficulty focusing at work. Zoning out on Netflix because I was too tired at the end of the day. And craving those high carb foods. You know what I'm talking about! I know you will find this guide helpful.

    8 Solutions to Regain Your Restful Sleep

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